McDonald’s are feeling the pressure. This week, they’ve attempted to go on a PR offensive — saying to media we’ve been “dangerous and irresponsible”, launching new job opportunities to “give back to the community” and a fresh youth-focussed social media marketing campaign.

That’s why we’ve created the perfect antidote: a fake McDonald’s colour-in placemat!


Can you deliver one of these to your local McDonald’s to help us counteract their PR spin and show staff and customers how they’re targeting our kids with their unhealthy junk food?

Thousands of people across the country will be delivering these this weekend. Here’s some quick instructions on how you can do this too:

1. Click here to download the placemat
2. Print off a few copies
3. Drop them to a McDonald’s store near you, leaving them at the counter or near kids play areas where they can colour them in!
4. Take a picture of you dropping it off and don’t forget to tweet it with the hashtag
#ronaldsmaze or send the picture to [email protected]!

If you’ve got questions or want more tips, email in on [email protected] as well!

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