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The General Campaign Fund supports the on going activities of the No Maccas in the Hills Campaign. The hills community is working on many projects and the fight is far from over. You can donate to this account by clicking the link below.

NO MACCAS IN THE HILLS  BSB: 633-108  Account Number: 149515959


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7 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Rex Brown

    Dear Team
    This can help your campaign.

    While McDonalds use the law, you can use the press. and the press needs unusual angles as you know. But as Tony Blair said, you need to feed the monster.
    Till now, blockading construction is new and newsworthy.
    In time the story will get stale except for the odd act of civil disobedience, which will be costly for protesters, and sadly, stale = boring for readers = no press.

    YOU CAN WIN by taking a different tack. Feed the monster.

    At least twice a week you need to have a press event that is edgy and newsworthy. I’d suggest you harness the great creative community in the hills for a series of awards and presentations:
    - the weekly winning song … about McDonalds the bad guys in Tecoma
    - the winning cartoon … about Mcdonalds the bad guys in Tecoma
    - best stand up comic ditto
    - the winning poem ditto
    - best national song contribution ditto
    - best international song ditto
    - the youngest performer song ditto
    - the best costume ditto
    - he best ceramic showing ditto
    - the best mug ditto
    - the best oil painting ditto
    - the best mime act ditto
    - the funniest story ditto.

    You get the idea. Twice a week, the media have a special spot for the Tecoma Mcdonalds Awards. It is fun and entertaining for the media readers and viewers. TV and radio. It can be posted on Youtube and something will go viral. You will be in the press for months!
    Your lawyers keep it clear of libel.
    Each time it is bad press for McDs, degrades the McD brand.

    In the end, they will slink off.

    Good luck to your team
    PS Years ago I had family in Tecoma. A good place to stay small.

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  3. Julie Wheatland-Bridge

    Thank-you for all your good work to prevent McDonalds from ruining our wonderful environment in the hills. I have not been able to make it to the rallies because of work commitments but I fully support your efforts and appreciate them.
    Julie Wheatland-Bridge

  4. Geoff

    As former resident of Cockatoo, I fully support your campaign, and hope my little donation helps ease the financial burden.

    Could I suggest a hot link to the UK McLibel case for your home page:

    Good luck for a favourable outcome.
    Kind regards.
    Geoff, Yarram, Vic.

  5. Margaret

    Thanks Geoff for leaving the link for mcspotlight. MUST READ for everyone. Protests need to be organised for 16 October, anti macdonalds day worldwide, not just for Tecoma but every store in Australia.

  6. Andrew Briggs

    I commend all those who have forfeited their free time and/or money working so hard to keep the hills maccas free.

    Andrew Briggs (Ferny Creek)

  7. Kate

    I am glad there are groups like yours fighting against the kind of business Mcdonalds represents. Factory farming, un healthy foods and anti environment are what Mcdonalds is and is not what I want to support. I have spoken to many people about your campaign and whatever I can do to support you(all the way up here in Queensland) I will. It is disgusting to see these large companies trying to force their values and ways onto areas where they are not wanted. Go you good things, go.


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