Gnomes unleash ‘Gnomeageddon’ on McDonald’s HQ

February 5th 2013

Various Gnomes factions from across Victoria and the Dandenong Ranges gathered together yesterday for what they’re calling their “day of reckoning”. Seen pictured here at McDonald’s headquarters in Collingwood, the Gnomes let their voices be heard as they took a stand in solidarity and unleashed Gnomeageddon on the McDonald’s Corporation.

Click here to view footage of Gnomeageddon

Gnomeageddon protest at McDonald’s headquarters in Melbourne

Chants of “All we are saying is give Gnomes a chance” and “What do we want? No McDonald’s! When do we want it? NOW!” could be heard, whilst some more vocal gnomes yelled “We will no longer stand in silence!” Rolf Gnomington, Spokesgnome for the group, attempted to speak with McDonald’s management but his pleas were met with silence. He has advised that further protests will continue until McDonald’s agree to meet with the Gnomes and ultimately retract their intentions to build in Tecoma.

The Gnomes of the Hills were not content with just targetting McDonald’s HQ with their protest. They later moved on to the Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne’s CBD to take their message to the people of Melbourne.

Gnomes gathered in Melbourne’s CBD to spread the word

The Gnomes were given the opportunity to share their plight with local Melbournians and tourists alike. Many a photo was taken, with a number of people never having seen a Gnome out of their natural habitat.

A number of Gnomes chose to break from the group in order to share their story far and wide. One gnome will be taking news of this story internationally, having joined forces with an Air Hostess who has promised to share photos of their travels and international Gnome gatherings with the rest of the Gnome faction. Another chose to assist the Age newspaper with further updates on the campaign and accompanied a journalist back to their head office. Yet another Gnome has also visited Ten News headquarters in Melbourne in order to ensure the station receives up-to-date coverage of all gnoming activities. 3CR radio also received a visit from a Gnome who has chosen to stay on at their office to assist with further Gnome related broadcasts.

The Gnomes would like to thank the kind humans at Channel 10 News, Channel 9 News, The Age Newspaper and 3CR Radio for bringing attention to their plight.

Stay tuned for further Gnome updates…

You can also keep up to date with future gnoming activities and protest actions by subscribing to their Facebook page Gnome Maccas in Tecoma

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6 thoughts on “Gnomes unleash ‘Gnomeageddon’ on McDonald’s HQ

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  5. Pat Long

    Wow, keep up the good fight, it is great to see ‘little people’ standing up to the greed of large corporations such as McDonalds. From Pat, mother of a Tecoma family actively fighting the cause and very proud of them.

  6. Gillian Gardner

    All the little people of Regional Victoria will support the Tecoma little people. Having a McDonalds in a small country town is bad enough, but it is the worst in Australia. Loved the Flashmob.


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