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27.07.2013 - Herald Sun – ‘Tecoma Protesters target demolition company

27.07.2013 – The Daily Telegraph – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s protesters target demolition company’

25.07.2013Herald Sun – ‘Construction at controversial McDonald’s site remains on hold’

24.07.2013ABC 774 – ‘McDonald’s CEO ‘not familiar’ with Tecoma protestor court injunction’

23.07.2013Herald Sun – ‘McDonald’s continues work on temporary fence to keep protesters out of Tecoma construction site’

23.07.2013The Age‘McDonald’s use fear tactic, says Tecoma 8′

20.07.2013 – Green Left Weekly – ‘Maccas sues as Hills residents continue their fight’

19.07.2013 - The Guardian UK – ‘McDonald’s restaurant plan divides Melbourne community’

19.07.2013 – The Age – ‘Judge tells protesters not to trespass on McDonald’s Tecoma site’

Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘McDonald’s Tecoma: Court orders protesters off site’

18.07.2013 - The Guardian UK – ‘Why my peaceful little town is saying no to McDonald’s’

18.07.2013 - The Drum UK – ‘Fast food giant McDonald’s wins court order preventing ‘call to arms’ social media use against it’

18.07.20139 NEWS National – ‘Melb residents forced from McDonald’s site’

18.07.2013 - Herald Sun – Editorial – ‘A big Mac attack’

18.07.2013The Border Mail – ‘Court orders protesters off McDonald’s Tecoma site’

17.07.2013 - The Guardian UK – ‘McDonald’s seeks injunction against Victorian protesters’

17.07.2013ABC 774 – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s protestors served with Supreme Court documents says BurgerOff spokesperson’

17.07.2013 – Crikey – ‘Revealed: the full Tecoma writs and affidavits’

17.07.2013 – Herald Sun – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s protesters say they have been given Supreme Court writs demanding damages’

10.07.2013Free Press Leader – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s protesters given food, water and a heater by well-wishers’

08.07.2013 - The Standard – ‘Police to probe McDonald’s protester attack claim’

08.07.2013 - ABC News – ‘Fast food protesters take fight from Tecoma to Melbourne

08.07.2013 - The Age – ‘Police to probe McDonald’s protester attack claim’

08.07.2013 - 3AW – ‘Anti-Tecoma McDonald’s protesters come to Melbourne’

08.07.2013 - Garry Muratore speaks to Neil Mitchell on 3AW

08.07.2013 - International Business Times – ‘Where’s The Beef ? Say 400 Tecoma Protesters – McDonald’s Halt Operations!’

07.07.2013 - 3AW – Audio – Neil Mitchell interviews Garry Muratore

06.07.2013Herald Sun – ‘Roy’ Cartoon

06.07.2013 - Green Left Weekly – ‘Building workers put ban on McDonalds’

05.07.2013 – Herald Sun – ‘McDonald’s stop construction at controversial site in Tecoma’

05.07.2013 - The Age – ‘Tecoma delay temporary: McDonald’s’

05.07.2013 – The Daily Telegraph – ‘Locals claim win as McDonald’s suspends construction of Tecoma restaurant’

04.07.2013Herald Sun – ‘Tecoma protester vows to continue campaigning despite injury’

04.07.2013 - 3AW – ‘One woman to be charged, another admitted to hospital with cut finger at Tecoma McDonald’s site’

04.07.2013 - ABC 774 - ‘Injured McDonald’s protester likely to be charged with trespass’

04.07.2013 – The Age – ‘Scratch or broken bones? Maccas protest claim in dispute’

04.07.2013Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s: Protest claim in dispute’

04.07.2013 – The West Australian – ‘Vic protester injured in Maccas protest’

04.07.2013 - The Border Mail – ‘Scratch or Broken Bones? Maccas protest claim in dispute’

04.07.2013The Border Mail – ‘Union workers walk off disputed McDonald’s site’

03.07.2013Herald Sun – Editorial – ‘McDonald’s Hamburger hell continues in Tecoma’

03.07.2013 – The Age – ‘Union workers walk off disputed McDonald’s site’

03.07.2013 - International Business Times – ‘No McDonald’s in Tecoma, Say Protesters’

03.07.2013Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘McDonald’s Tecoma: Workers walk off site’

03.07.2013 - Monash Weekly – ‘McDonald’s Tecoma: Workers walk off site’

02.07.2013Free Press Leader – ‘Protesters spend night on roof of building at Tecoma McDonald’s work site as rally enters second day’

02.07.2013 - ABC 774 – ‘McDonalds blockade divides Tecoma

02.07.2013 - 3AW – ‘Tecoma residents make last stand against McDonald’s development’

02.07.2013 - The Age – ‘Tecoma protesters settle in’

02.07.2013 - Star Community Mail – ‘Protesters raise the roof’

01.07.2013 – The Age – ‘Residents move in for fast food fight’

01.07.2013 - The Age – Video – ‘Tecoma protests McDonald’s construction’

12.06.2013 - 3AW – Audio – Tom Elliott interviews Garry Muratore

11.06.2013Herald Sun – ‘Anti McDonald’s campaigners downsize ferocity of previous rallies’

22.05.2013Knox Weekly – ‘McDonald’s Protest hits Boronia’

20.05.2013Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Maccas say no rift with franchisee

30.04.2013Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s: Protesters, management meet’

11.04.2013Ferntree Gully Belgrave Mail – ‘Fast food fight goes viral

29.03.2013 - All News AU – ‘Small town, big arches: Why one Australian town is fighting McDonald’s’

29.03.2013Australia Glory – ‘Small town, big arches: Why one Australian town is fighting McDonald’s’

29.03.2013 - Topix Melbourne – ‘Why an Australian town is fighting McDonald’s’

28.03.2013 - Mel News – ‘Small town, big arches: Why one Australian town is fighting McDonald’s’

27.03.2013Herald Sun – ‘Crime will increase in Tecoma when McDonald’s store opens, opponents say’

13.03.2013Herald Sun – ‘New Franchisee of Proposed Tecoma McDonald’s hopes to work with community as protests continue

12.03.2013 – Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s gets new franchisee’

06.03.2013Herald Sun – ‘McDonald’s confirms work to start on Tecoma outlet in May, protesters continue action’

05/03/2013 – 3CR Radio – AUDIO: Interview with Garry Muratore

05/03/20133AW Radio – AUDIO: Tom Elliott speaks with Davey Heller

05.03.2013 –
Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma: Meeting Yes, Greeting No’

04.03.2013Herald Sun – ‘Thousands of people turn out in Tecoma to march against a planned McDonald’s store in the town’

21.02.2013Herald Sun – ‘March planned through Tecoma next month in an attempt to tell McDonald’s to get out of town’

06.02.2013 – 3MDR Radio – AUDIO: Interview with Garry Muratore

06.02.2013Herald Sun – ‘McDonald’s could open Tecoma outlet by the end of the year

04.02.2013 – Channel Ten News – VIDEO: ‘Gnomes protest McDonald’s entering Tecoma’

04.02.2013The Age – ‘Gnome means no for anti-McDonald’s Activists’

29.01.2013 – The Age – ‘Cinema pulls McDonald’s advertising’

23.01.2013 –
Herald Sun – ‘Belgrave’s Cameo Cinema pulls McDonald’s advertising in support of ‘No Maccas in Tecoma’ campaign’

22.01.2013 – 3RRR Radio – AUDIO: The Urbanists’ hosts David Nichols and Elizabeth Taylor interview Garry Muratore

20.01.2013 – 2GB Interview – AUDIO: Kel Richards interviews Garry Muratore

17.01.2013Herald Sun – ‘Gnomes appear in Tecoma as part of ‘No Maccas’ campaign’

17.01.2013 – The Age – ‘First the hills, now beach, residents tell McDonald’s to SCRAM’

15.01.2013Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma Maccas – every door knocked in bun fight’

10.01.2013 – Belgrave/Ferntree Gully Mail – ‘Jewell in Mail’s eye

17.12.2012Free Press Leader – ‘Christmas wish for a Maccas Free Tecoma’

16.12.2012 – The Age – ‘No Fries with that’

14.12.2012 – The Age – VIDEO:’Town unites to fight McDonald’s’

05.12.2012 – Medicare Local – ‘Doctors unite in a bid to stop McDonad’s building opposite Tecoma school’

04.12.2012Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s: Doctor weighs into stoush

27.11.2012 – Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma restaurant shift to cost jobs’

27.11.2012Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s: Protesters to continue battle’

26.11.2012Lilydale and Yarra Valley Leader – ‘Tecoma protesters demand McDonald’s meets Planning Minister’

26.11.2012 – Frankston Standard Leader – ‘Seaford inspired by Tecoma Maccas fight

21.11.2012Free Press Leader – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s opponents seek ministerial intervention’

20.11.2012Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s: That’s final, says Guy’

20.11.2012Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s: Protesters chafe at shire rebuff’

20.11.2012Free Press Leader – ‘Maccas slam drive through protest

19.11.2012Free Press Leader – VIDEO: Drive through protest at Maccas

14.11.2012Free Press Leader – ‘Anti-Maccas protesters vow to fight on in Tecoma’

13.11.2012 – Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s stand off ends’

09.11.2012 – ABC 7.30 Report – VIDEO: ‘Losing battle against development in the Dandenongs

09.11.2012ABC News – ‘Site of anti-McDonald’s protest at Tecoma’

09.11.2012ABC – ‘McDonald’s protesters moved on by police’

09.11.2012 – Channel 7 News – VIDEO: Police evict protesters

09.11.2012 – Channel 10 News – VIDEO: ‘Food Fight

09.11.2012Free Press Leader – ‘Protesters evicted from Tecoma site’

09.11.2012Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s: Protesters spitting chips after forced off-site by police’

09.11.2012The Age – ‘McDonald’s Protestor removed by the police

08.11.2012 – Herald Sun – ‘Tecoma protesters against a McDonald’s in the Dandenong Ranges drop plans to take fight to Supreme Court’

07.11.2012Free Press Leader – ‘Turn back Tecoma Mac attack’

05.11.2012 – Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘For Tecoma: A Super-sized Macca’s battle’

30.10.2012Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Richter QC joins anti-Maccas crusade’

30.10.2012Lilydale and Yarra Valley Leader – ‘Should Yarra Ranges Council fight Maccas win?’

29.10.2012Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s: ‘Angry Kids’ spark protest fury

28.10.2012The Age – ‘Pro-Maccas spark more fury in Tecoma’

28.10.20123AW – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s Protest site targeted by arsonists’

25.10.2012The Age – ‘Maccas Tecoma battle would have been ‘too expensive’

25.10.2012 – Ferntree Gully Belgrave Mail – ‘Multi-front fight

24.10.2012Herald Sun – ‘Protesters threaten to chain themselves to Tecoma McDonald’s site to stop development’

24.10.2012 – ABC News – ‘Council refuses to challenge McDonald’s decision’

24.10.2012 - The Age – ‘McDonald’s avoids court challenge over Tecoma plan’

24.10.2012Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s: ‘Shame, shame’ as Supreme Court action ruled out’

24.10.2012Free Press Leader – ‘Anger boils over as council rejects Tecoma Maccas fight

24.10.2012Herald Sun – ‘Gutless Yarra Ranges Council rejects pleas to go to the Supreme Court to fight against a mountain McDonalds restaurant’

24.10.2012 – The Wimmera Mail-Times – ‘McDonald’s avoids court challenge over Tecoma plan’

23.10.2012 – Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Maccas at Tecoma: Shire ponders VCAT rebuff

22.10.2012Free Press Leader – ‘Maccas fight heads to Yarra Ranges Council meeting’

22.10.2012The Age – ‘Council eyes Supreme Court over McDonald’s stoush

19.10.2012The Age – ‘Golden arches bulldoze Hippie’

18.10.2012 – Channel 7 News – VIDEO: Live Cross

18.10.2012ABC News – ‘Residents continue fight against McDonald’s’

18.10.20123AW – ‘BURGER OFF: Tecoma locals furious at McDonald’s plan

18.10.2012 – 3AW – ‘Tecoma locals could take on VCAT’s approval in Supreme Court’

18.10.2012The Age – ‘Sit-in at proposed McDonald’s site’

17.10.2012 – Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s Protest: Objectors court Supreme Action’

17.10.2012Free Press Leader – ‘Take it away, Maccas’

16.10.2012 – Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma stand-off: Police ready to move on ‘trespassing’ protesters’

16.10.2012Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Tecoma Residents dig in to stop Maccas’

16.10.2012Herald Sun – ‘Police attend protest as 100 people rally against a new McDonald’s fast food outlet in Tecoma’

15.10.2012 – Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘No to Maccas’: Tecoma protesters beef up action

15.10.2012Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Protest against Tecoma McDonald’s

14.10.2012 – Channel Nine News – VIDEO: ‘McDonald’s Fight’

14.10.2012Herald Sun – ‘Uproar over mountain McDonald’s in the Dandenong Ranges’

10.10.2012Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘Residents ‘gutted’ as Tecoma McDonalds gets VCAT green light

10.10.2012Yarra Valley Leader – ‘Green light for Tecoma McDonald’s’

16.08.2012Ranges Trader Mail – ‘McHearing rolls on’

15.08.2012 – Free Press Leader – ‘Tecoma waits for VCAT to decide on Maccas’

10.08.2012 – Free Press Leader – ‘McDonald’s attacks Yarra Ranges Council over Tecoma bid’

07.08.2012Herald Sun – ‘Dandenong Ranges’ residents object ‘negative’ McDonald’s’

07/08/2012 – Free Press Leader – ‘Tecoma McDonald’s fight hits VCAT’

07.08.2012Herald Sun – ‘McDonald’s row hard to swallow

01.08.2012 – Ferntree Gully Belgrave Mail – ‘Maccas protest train’

25.07.2012Ferntree Gully Belgrave Mail – ‘Ronald round up’

13.06.2012Ferntree Gully Belgrave Mail – ‘Number crunching’

15.05.2012Free Press Leader – ‘Bid to fry Tecoma McDonald’s’

09.05.2012 – Ferntree Gully Belgrave Mail – ‘Maccas boycott call’

13.03.2012Ferntree Gully Belgrave Mail – ‘Maccas’ plans set for court’

22.02.2012Free Press Leader – ‘Hundreds speak out on Tecoma plan for Maccas’

10.01.2012 – Ferntree Gully Belgrave Mail – ‘Maccas bites’

10.01.2012Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Weekly – ‘McDonald’s in bun fight over Tecoma site’

04.01.2012 – Free Press Leader – ‘Tecoma McFight continues’

13.12.2011Free Press Leader – ‘Days left for McDonald’s to lodge Tecoma appeal’

23.11.2011Free Press Leader – ‘Maccas expected to appeal failed bid to set up in Tecoma’

19.10.2011 – Free Press Leader – ‘Maccas Tecoma plan fried’

12.10.2011Free Press Leader – ‘Tecoma Maccas rejected by Yarra Ranges Council’

09.10.2011 – Herald Sun – ‘Maccas too close to school – parents

20.09.2011Free Press Leader – ‘Yarra Ranges Council ready to discuss McDonald’s bid

17.09.2011 – Green Left Weekly – ‘McOff Maccas’

31.08.2011Free Press Leader – ‘Mac attack surge in Tecoma’

29.08.2011 – Free Press Leader – ‘Opponents marshal their forces’

06.08.2011The Age – ‘Locals express distaste for Maccas’

27.07.2011Free Press Leader – ‘Bun fight over Maccas

21.06.2011Free Press Leader – ‘First look at proposed McDonald’s in Tecoma

26.05.2011Free Press Leader – ‘McProtest gathers momentum in Tecoma’

11.05.2011Free Press Leader – ‘Tecoma McProtest Upsizes’

20.04.2011Free Press Leader – ‘Fight to keep McDonald’s out of the Dandenongs

13.04.2011Free Press Leader – ‘Do you want a McDonald’s in Tecoma?

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