Global News Giant CNN Covers Our Story!

Leading international news broadcaster CNN have now covered the story of our David and Goliath battle against the McDonald’s Corporation!

News of what’s happening in the little Australian town of Tecoma has now reached a potential audience of 10′s OF MILLIONS worldwide and continues to spread!

News broadcasters from around the globe quickly followed CNN’s lead with over 80 news stations and websites from all over the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Greece, China, Japan, Cyprus, Denmark, Belgium, Turkey, Hungary and the Dominican Republic reporting or publishing links to our story over the past 72 hours.

The Twittersphere has also gone crazy with the story being tweeted and retweeted by people from all over the world, reaching over 10 MILLION Twitter users! CNN tweeted the story to just under 8 million followers, as did Your Anon News to over 900,000 followers!

Retweets of particular note also came from:

Morgan Spurlock of ‘Supersize Me’ fame:


Christine Assange (Mother of Julian Assange):


and even Father Bob Maguire:

Our Burger Off website stats have also absolutely gone THROUGH THE ROOF over the past few days with visitors from:

The United States, China, Great Britain, Canada, Taiwan, Ukraine, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Spain, France, South Korea, India, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Jamaica, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Poland, Mexico, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Estonia, Singapore, Austria, Ireland, The Netherlands, The Philippines, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Switzerland, Israel, Italy, Brazil, Indonesia, Moldova, South Africa, Mexico, Thailand, Malta, Peru, Denmark, Hungary, Norway, Finland, Kazakhstan, Columbia, Ireland, Serbia, Burundi, Belgium, Costa Rica, South Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Iraq, Chile, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Greece, Uruguay, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Iceland, Portugal, Panama, Iran, Ivory Coast, Nepal, Belarus, Czech Republic, Argentina, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Ecuador, Cambodia, Bahrain, Slovak Republic, Latvia, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, Zambia, Croatia, Paraguay, Bolivia, Palestinian Territories, Kuwait, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Tanzania, Virgin Islands and Albania!

Messages of support are coming in from all over the globe:

“Greetings to all in the Dandenong Ranges:

I live in Canada and just got wind of your campaign to keep the beauty of the place you call home intact, and wanted to lend my moral support to your efforts. I’ll not be going to McDonald’s for coffee and muffin every morning. A local bakery will be it for me from now on.

Something that I didn’t see mentioned in the reasons you are wanting McDonald’s to stay away, is the smell. If you’re unlucky enough to be within about a half mile, the constant smell of the grease they use for frying will drive you crazy. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Best of luck in your efforts”


“As an American who is squarely in the middle of the carnage that fast food brings, I’ll go a bit Aussie and say Good on Ya!

Fast food is the cause of the rampant obesity I see every day. And I’m not being hypocritical, I do not eat fast food simply because it makes me physically ill. As a result I eat a lot of fish, rice, vegetables and fresh fruit.

Good luck with your fight and I hope it’s a trend that catches on!”


“Congratulations! Keep up the great work. As a former employee of McDonald’s in Newfoundland, Canada, I know that are a money hungry corporation, who only want to make people fat and unhealthy.

They want profits and only profits. Yes they say they help the local communities, however, look at the rate of pay they give their employees. The bare miminum, not enough to support their families. It’s no wonder they have a very hard time getting local employees. Here in Newfoundland, they are bringing people in from overseas. People who do not know any better.

Thank you and good luck”

What a very Happy Easter it has been!

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6 thoughts on “Global News Giant CNN Covers Our Story!

  1. Anti-McDonalds

    All the best for keeping McDonald’s out of your town. Those large companies aren’t welcome in small communities. Should’ve got you to help keep McDonalds out of Gisborne, VIC.

  2. Max

    A valiant fight where common sense has failed. The best thing to do now is ensure that if the Arches are ever opened that nobody eats there!

  3. wendy

    I am a local and want to add my voice to the opposition to McDonalds coming to Tecoma. It is opposite a PRIMARY school for goodness sake! Traffic and rubbish problems will be increased if they build here. Traffic is already a problem here. And the council, representing the majority of its rate payers, rejected the application. What right does V CAT have to tell council and we the rate payers what to do in our part of the Dandenong Ranges? We know that fast food is detrimental to our children’s health. We know large fast food companies like this one will undercut the prices that local small businesses charge and we know the flow on effect will be that small businesses go OUT of business. Small local businesses are staffed by locals and owned by locals. How can V CAT overturn decisions that locals know are so detrimental to our local community? Come on Mr Napthine – you talk the talk, now walk the walk and help even up this one sided battle of this huge multi national bulldozing its wishes against a small community.

  4. as a parent

    Victorians really have to look at how this permit was ever approved. this is about the most inappropriate building approval i have ever seen

  5. chris ganatsios

    the only rubbish i see dumped out on our streets is fast food packaging.i cant believe there decision when theres a maccas down the road from it.CORPORATE GREED


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