Small town doesn’t want a McDonald’s drive through. Concerns about litter and traffic. Vast majority of locals oppose it. Existing and much loved business has to move. Locals start collecting signatures for a petition. McDonald’s hire “planning experts” to convince the local council.

No we are not talking about Tecoma’s fight. Instead the exact same behaviour that Tecoma experienced by McDonald’s is happening to the small town of Baragalla in Northern Italy. They have even set up a Facebook page which you can visit here:


Many of those involved in the Tecoma campaign sent messages of support to the Italians who in turn created a great media story for the local press regarding the Australian support. The headline reads “Baragalla, Australia is with you” (The entire translation can be found below) Please take the time to visit their page to offer support from down under.

Our campaign has not shown any signs of slowing down since McDonald’s in Tecoma has opened, instead it has kicked into a higher gear and it based on four (4) key strategies being:

1 Maintain the community blockade of the store
The local’s aren’t buying it and the result is Tecoma McDonald’s appears to be the worst performing store in the country

2 Continue to lobby
Talking to councils, politicians, planning experts, health professionals. We have developed quite a community network that has resulted with some early wins that include the C126 planning amendments and an Essential Media survey showing the need for exclusion zones to keep McDonald’s away from schools and kindergartens.

3 Leave a legacy
Much of our fight is being recorded. Already we have featured at a major museum exhibition. We have created a huge media archive and even a documentary is in the works. Future generations will be able to study and understand why and how our community fought so hard.

4 Export the revolution
Already we have made contact with communities all over Australia and are sharing our experiences and expertise. We have spoken at major community conferences, local meetings and conducted countless telephone conferences.

Reaching out to Baragalla certainly falls into the “Export the revolution” category. It’s nice to know that the “little town that roared” is helping others around the world find their voice.


Barragalla translation:


Baragalla, Australia is with you


The possible arrival of Mc Donald’s raises fears of a surge in traffic

Picture Caption
The historic “Kamp 3000″ Baragalla left to go to andare al Volo

Breakout Box Text
Via web encouragement of Tecoma (Victoria)
and 5 advisors ask for clarity

Body text:
Tuesday, support from ‘Australia for Baragallo activists against McDonald’s.
The association “no McDonald’s in the Dandenong Ranges,” which is based in Tecoma, a town of three thousand people in the state of Victoria.
Activists (who have collected 120 thousand signatures in Australia) against the opening of McDonald’s have used local physical resistance against its construction (finishing in the international headlines) have contacted their colleagues in the distant Baragalla to give them the support against the dreaded restaurant opening
“We send our best wishes to those who fight in McDonald’s in Baragalla. And are pleased to support your battle with good luck”

On Monday 5 special advisers have presented an interpellation in the city council asking for clarification on the situation and also two activists of will intervene on the issue stating that it is not against the restaurant itself, but to fear for the future viability in Baragalla that, McDonald’s will cause a risk of having to endure more traffic and more cars

Domencia also the priest of the parish took up the pen to support the signature collection. (petition) There is still yet a final plan for the American fast food chain, but the parties involved speak of a new drive through restaurant that should arise in place of the shop at Kamp 3000 yesterday that transferred to andare al Volo


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